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Jumble By eMagik, is our Subscription based consumer self service solution that offers secure, encrypted and private connectivity for many of the most popular online services and   Secure Webmail.

Jumble SME By eMagik, is our Subscription based SME self service solution that offers secure, encrypted and private connectivity. Jumble SME is designed to provide Mobility, Access and User Management, at a price point allowing Small to Medium Enterprise to benefit from Large Enterprise Grade Security, Mobility, Access and User Management.,

That’s neat. So what’s Jumble?    Who is eMagik?

eMagik has decided to release Jumble for Windows PC, Laptops and Tablets first, because we believe this group of users have been overlooked when it comes to mobility! User feedback from our beta testers have loudly asked us to release this solution sooner rather than later, with time we will be adding additional services and extending our device compatibility coverage.

Known Blacklisted
SSL Certificates
SSL VPN servers vulnerable
to trivial MITM attacks
IPSec VPN is showing its age
Subject to several Attack and Exploit vectors

Here are a few questions to ask yourself…


  • If the security systems used on the Internet are so secure, why do Web and conventional businesses spend billions every year on network security…
  • Why are Web and conventional businesses still using these systems if they know these systems are not secure…
  • How come these businesses that spend billions on network security every year still can’t seem to protect my data and connectivity…
  • What is being done to fix our online security, can it be fixed and when will these Web and conventional businesses be able to secure my online connectivity…

Here’s what our users are saying…

Luigi C. I can talk both as an end-user and as an administrator, I think that the strength of a security solution resides in three key factors. Seamless User Experience ◈ Ease of deployment ◈ Robustness.
I believe all of these three key factors are excellently addressed by the eMagik solution. Luigi Cristiani ◈ Cedecra Informatica Bancaria s.r.l.
Thomas R.. As a consultant I work remotely most of the time. Our current connectivity solution is cumbersome and inflexible. eMagik has made me a believer…
I will be promoting eMagik to our IT department as a much more user friendly and cost effective connectivity system. Thomas Rosenberg ◈ PA Consulting Group

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